Why Ride Sharing Makes Sense


Ride sharing is an increasingly popular option for people looking for affordable, accessible and sustainable transportation. As ride sharing has grown in popularity, so have the benefits it provides to individuals and communities. Here are some of the ways that ride sharing can improve your life and make our world a better place:

Reduces congestion and pollution

Ride sharing reduces the need for people to own a car. By making it easier for people who live in urban areas to get around without owning a personal vehicle, ride sharing reduces the number of cars on the road and therefore reduces congestion. It also means that you can spend less time driving, parking and searching for parking spaces, which helps reduce pollution from exhaust fumes.

Provides affordable, reliable transportation

Ride sharing is a more affordable option than owning a car.

  • Ride sharing can save you money on fuel, maintenance and insurance.
  • Ride sharing can be cheaper than taking public transportation.
  • Ride sharing is often cheaper than owning a car for the same distance traveled

Reduces the need for parking

When you drive a car, you need to park it. But parking is expensive and a waste of space–especially in cities where land is at a premium. It also takes time to find a spot and even more time to pay for it, especially if you’re driving around looking for one on rush hour streets or in crowded lots. And then there’s the cost: The average annual cost of owning and operating an automobile in the U.S., including insurance, fuel and maintenance but excluding taxes or depreciation costs (which vary by vehicle type), was $9,122 per year as of 2018 according to AAA data quoted by Edmunds–and this doesn’t include parking fees!

Provides flexible, accessible and eco-friendly options to people from all walks of life

Ride sharing can be a great option for people from all walks of life. It provides flexible, accessible and eco-friendly options to seniors, people with disabilities, and those who cannot afford to own a car. Ride sharing is also an option for people who live in remote areas where public transportation is not available. For example, if you live in a rural community or are out of town at work during the weekdays then UberPOOL may be the perfect solution for your commute home on Friday nights!

Ride sharing provides a wide variety of benefits, from reducing pollution to providing affordable, flexible and sustainable transportation options.

Ride sharing offers many benefits, from reducing pollution to providing affordable, flexible and sustainable transportation options.

  • Reduces Pollution: Ride sharing reduces the number of cars on the road by allowing people who live in the same area to share rides. This means fewer cars are needed and less fuel is consumed, which helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants in our atmosphere.
  • Provides Affordable Transportation: Ride sharing provides an affordable alternative for getting around town that’s often much cheaper than owning your own car or taking public transit alone. You can also save money by splitting costs with other passengers going along similar routes!


Ride sharing is a great way to get around, and it has many benefits. It’s convenient, affordable and eco-friendly. Ride sharing also provides access to transportation for people from all walks of life who may not have been able to afford it otherwise. We hope that this article has helped you understand why ride sharing makes sense!

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